About the Creek Rats


In 2001, Creek Rats, Inc. co-founders Bob Graham and Steve Seleway meet while volunteering at an Onondaga Creek cleanup, coordinated with the broader effort to cleanup the entire Onondaga Lake watershed. Over canoes piled high with the results of the first in-creek cleanup, Bob and Steve realized a shared passion to revitalize urban natural spaces, and formed Creek Rats, Inc. to continue and expand the work of the initial Onondaga Creek cleanup event.

With the help of numerous volunteers over the years, Creek Rats, Inc. has evolved centered around the mission to foster revitalization of the urban environment through the creation of limited use recreation and green-space areas.  We do this in three main ways:

  • by partnering with other local groups on yearly events to promote Onondaga Creek, most famously the annual Creek Float Art Parade entering its tenth year,
  • by organizing biannual in-creek and shoreline cleanup events along Onondaga Creek, and
  • by kayaking and canoeing the Onondaga Creek ourselves and with anyone who will join us!

To learn more about Onondaga Creek and how you can enjoy it, check out Enjoy Onondaga Creek.

If we haven’t answered your question, or you are interested in our events or other project opportunities, connect with us.


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